Other pre-Founding documents supporting
the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule
Father of Candor's A Letter Concerning
Libels, Warrants, the seizure of Papers
U.S. Library holdings of this 1765 pamphlet

The British author "Father of Candor" (real name
unknown) wrote and published hundreds of copies
of a pamphlet promoting the exclusion of illegally
seized evidence and linking search and seizure
principles with silence rights.
Sir William Meredith's Reply to the Defence
of the Majority
U.S. Library holdings of this 1764 pamphlet

In the wake of the British Wilkes affair, Sir William
Meredith introduced a series of bills intended to
severely restrict royal searches and seizures. In a
contemporaneous pamphlet, he called for exclusion
of illegally seized evidence.
Lord Temple's Letter on the Seizure of
U.S. library holdings of this 1763 pamphlet

This pamphlet, purportedly written by a prominent
member of the House of Lords, stated exclusion
was required to remedy search and seizure
violations. Any court precedents holding otherwise,
wrote Temple, were rendered during the despotic
Stuart regimes.
Arizona State
Boston Athenaeum Lib
(visited March 13, 2009) GAV //9H225
(Rebound 1846) In pencil: "B.F. Nov. 12, 1846. (4th Sale, no. 475)- 11 vol. in 6" Another
had sticker saying purchased with money from John Bromfield, 1849
Boston Athenaeum #2
Boston Public Library

Bowdoin Coll. (Maine)
Brooklyn Law School
KD370 .C65 1776 Visited 4/09 Donated by Dusan J. Djonovitch
in memory of Jovan Djonovich
California State Library, Sacramento
Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich.
* KD370.C6 1776
Bookseller: Chandler & Reed Rare Books (Sunderland, MA, U.S.A.) Offered for
sale on Abe's Books website, $1,200. 9/1/09. Tape on Spines. 14 x 10 inch folios. 12
volumes in 6, complete. 4th edit* Very good clean internally. Original leather covers BUT
CRUDE library tape down spines, bookplates etc. STAIN to bottom section of volumes
Originall George D. Harry, given to the Sondley Reference Library,
deaccesionned and sold through auction to Chandler & Reed.
Cincinnati Historical Society Library GENERAL ff343.42 C736
City College of New York, Harlem, NY Closed Stacks - 9NTV H2 X, Visited Sept. 2,
2009 Initially visited in September 2009, later was contacted by City College on
November 9, 2009 Librarians went into back room and returned after lengthy search,
proclaiming the books are lost. Months later, received phone call indicating the books
were located in archives; were part of the earliest collections at City College, and were in
good location; rebound.
Cleveland State U/Marshall Law School KD370.C655 Visited May 09 Visited
5/21/09. Only 8 volumes, lacked 9-11. No provenance (photographed)
Colby College, Maine
Waterville, ME
P: 207-859-5100
Columbia Law Library Treasure Kent 1776 Poor condition/disintegrating red ink
binding Owned by Chancellor James Kent, author of Kent's Commentaries, close friend of
Alexander Hamilton, participant in New York State Constitutional Ratifying Convention
College of Charleston
Conn. State Lib. #KD370.C65 Oversize, visited 1/5/10 Good condition except for covers
falling off No marks
Cornell U. Lib. Kroch Library Rare & Manuscripts (Request in advance) 607)
255-3530 K .C733 1776 , visited Jan. 7, 2010 Bound in calf skin Rebound but very early.
Binding falling apart, pages good. Plate: "Cornell university Library."
Cornell #2 (discovered there were two sets upon arrival) From the Cornell Annex (offsite),
visited Jan. 7, 2010 Good condition, rebound. Stamp: "New Hampshire State Library" May
22, 1879. Signature on third title page of each: "W. Bigg 1796" or "W. Bogg" or W. Brigg/Bugg


Creighton U. Law Lib, Omaha* Visited 8/26/09 Rebound, good condition no marks
Detroit Public Library* Burton Hist. Coll. 942C73c4
Drake U., Des Moine, Iowa* KD370 .C6 Visited 8/26/09 Original binding. "William
Augustus Fonda" April 20, 1876 "J. N. Powers April 16, 1884" Vol. 11 bore sticker on cover:
"This Law Book is the property of Mr. W.C. Saul"

1st vol. had French signature on title page: "Gauleleuves Augustus Defoubauge"??
Duke Law Library
Special Coll., EfC737S
Earlham College Lilly Library*, Richmond, Ind. (on Ohio border) KDKKD370.C6
Eastern New Mexico U, Portales, NM
Florida Coastal U Law, Jacksonville
Florida State U. Law Lib
Furman Smith Law Lib, Macon, GA
George Washington U.
Georgetown U Vol. 3 only?
Georgetown Law Lib. KD370 .C66 1776
Georgia State u rare book coll. KD370 .C66
Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia KD370.C6 KD370 .C6 1776 v.11, may have only Vol.
Harvard Widener Lib Br89.5.7F
(Widener volume was in good shape) Also stamped (like Houghton set) with Pickman Esq.
sticker. I believe this volume was originally in the set at Houghton. In truth these may be 2
sets or parts of 2 sets (there are multiple 1 & 2, but only one 11).
Harvard L. Lib. (This is the set that was digitized and now is copied as an "electronic
holding" at many libraries.) Apparently came from "Bull & Auvach" Bookseller, Oct. 27,
Harvard #3 Houghton Lib. 3/13/09 Inside front cover: "Charles Mills" above another
sticker: "Gift of g.J. Pickman, Esq. of Cambridgeport, used, Aug.24, 1848" Very old and in
bad shape
Indiana State U.* Terre Haute, Ind. Oversize KD370 .C6 1776 Contacted by telephone
8/28/09 Rebound, on title page "William Hart Oxford-London" 1779 on first, 1790 on last
(11th) vol.
Indiana U., Bloomington STACKS-DA32.5 .C73 1776
Original binding. No plates, no signatures.
Indiana State U.
Set #2 ALFR-DA300 .C7
Acquired by IU Feb. 22, 1899. Purchased from Libbie at a cost of $9.00.
Iowa State Library, Des Moine* (this is the state library of Iowa, in the Capitol) Visited
8/27/09 Rebound long ago. Entick case well read; pencil marks in margin throughout (and
on other cases). Volumes bore the signature: "Dudley Humfey or Housey/
Hopsey/Huesy/Hausey/HumferyHupsey" On one volume (1), below Dudley signature is
signature: "Walter Huffey Griffith" or Walter Audrey /Aufrey Griffith"
Jenkins L. Lib, Philadelphia KD370 .C65 1776 *America's first law library. Charged me $25
for 1-day pass. Inside leaf: "Received Nov. 27, 1898 J. or G. Jenkins Sticker inside cover:
"Thomas Forrest Betton" very bad shape, original binding. "Received Nov. 21, 1898 J. or G.
Jenkins" (Betton was a physician and scientist of 1880s; his father a Philadelphia physician
arriving in 1805.
John Jay Coll. Crim. Just, NYC KD 371 .P6 C6 1776 Have not seen it. Was told by a
librarian it is only Volume One.
Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, MD #343.142H2H279, Eisenhower Library

Johns Hopkins U #2 DA377.C73 1776
Johns Hopkins #3 (Peabody Lib.) 343.142 H279 FOLIO
Kansas State Univ.
Kent State U., Ohio* KD370.C6
L.A. County Law Lib.
Library of Congress LAW <Collected Trials>

Library of Congress #2 KD370 .C655 1776 TRIALS

Loyola U. New Orleans
Marquette U., Milwaukee, Wisc. KD370.C6 1776 Raynor Archives, visited May 2009 Very
worn, missing title page, original binding, Vol. 5 only. "John C. Block" handwritten in red
ink on first blank page

Miami U.
Michigan State,* Lansing Spec. Coll. Oversize KJ0.C6
Milwaukee County Library Visited May 2009 Original binding, worn Vol. 11 "Mr. Steuart"
"Isle of Man" George Steuart, the foremost architect on the Isle of Man in the beginning of
the nineteenth century
NY Historical Society First viewing of State Trials, date forgotten
"J. Bayard Henry" prominent Philadelphia lawyer, 1890-1926
NY Public Library
March 19, 2009 In Moses H. Grossman Coll.
Obviously rebound

Grossman plate on front, "George Chetwynd" on back
(212) 642-0110
Some underlining and annotations in Wilkes cases which preceded and succeeded Entick

Watermark "Grendon Hall 1850" Moses H. Grossman (1873-1942) Lawyer and founder of
Arbitration Society of America in 1922. Argued several cases before U.S. Supreme Court.
Wealthy benefactor of NY area libraries and museums.
NY State Court Library, Rochester, NY KD370 C66 1776
New York U NYUL K72 G6 C66 Visited in the spring of 2009 No longer held by NYU,
perhaps discarded.
North Carolina State Library
Northeastern U. (617) 373-2350 KD370.C66 1776 Visited March 11, 2009, closed due to
construction, told to come back in Fall
Northern Illinois U. Law* Law L. rare books, KD370.C61776
Northern Kentucky U K140.C737
Northwestern U. Law Trials 41 C73 1776-1781 Good condition Donated by Garrard
Winston, a prominent Chicago lawyer and undersecretary of the Treasury in the 1920s
Ohio State Library,* Columbus 1360856, viewed by Joe Silvestri, August, 2009 KD370
.C66 1776
Ten volumes only ("1924")
Pace U Law Lib, White Plains, NY Rare Books, contacted by telephone, Oct. 15, 2009
Denied all access: email: "our policy for recalling materials from off-site storage is that
those requests are limited to patrons who are students, faculty or staff at the Pace
University. Therefore I will not be able to recall A Complete Collection of State-Trials from
rare book storage for you.
- Vicky Gannon
I have confirmed that our policy for recalling materials from off-site storage is that those
requests are limited to patrons who are students, faculty or staff at the Pace University.
Therefore I will not be able to recall A Complete Collection of State-Trials from rare book
storage for you.
- Vicky Gannon

Penn. State Library, Harrisburg KD370. *potentially from original PA Statehouse
Princeton U. Oversize #KD372.xC6f On general stacks with library checkout card. Nov. 3,
2009 No marks. Pristine condition.
Princeton U. #2 Oversize KD372.xc6q Rare books, visited Nov. 4, 2009, Original
binding-well worn Inside cover sticker: "Princeton U Lib. Bequest of Henry N. Ess III" Vol.
1: Marks on inside cover: "11 Vol. $39.50.
Riverby Books, Washington, D.C. Offered for sale on Abes Books, $1,500 11/13/09
Smith College (Mass.), Northhampton, 413-585-2902 Rare books cage x343.1C738
Original high quality binding, good shape, looks like it may have been in a fire. Rebound
Bought 1934 from Grant. English dealer paid 4 pounds. Resown, rebound.
Social Law Lib., Boston #1 KD370.C64 Oversize On inside front cover of 1st volume: "11
Vol. 6 cc07 2000"
Rebound May 1910 One of the oldest law libraries in the U.S., began in 1804 with a large
shipload of books from England, including State Trials set #1
Social Law Lib., Boston #2 Set #2 stamped in red ink, first paper page, "Thorndike Library
Court House Boston Mass." Inside The John Adams Courthouse, visited March 12, 2009
SUNY Binghamton KD370.C68 Oversize
SUNY Geneseo X JN111 .C6 v
Syracuse U. #KD370.C6f (has only 1st volume of 4th ed.) Provenance: v. 1, C. Alderson
(bookplate); Vernon Snow (donor); v. 6, Rob Boyd (autograph).
Temple U. #KD370.C62 Rebound with obvious loss of leaf pages bearing signatures. Vol. 9:
"D. Kreumpeper" or D. Kraunvaugyer or D. Krayuers
Temple U. #2 (both #1 & #2 on stacks in cage area with other sets) Visited both Nov. 5,
2009 "Title page of each volume: "D. Watts" No marks.
Toledo/Lucas County Public Library, Ohio Basement f343.1 Visited 5/21/09 Obviously
rebound. 1&2, 3&4, 5&6,etc. Vol. 11 alone. Pristine, no marks
U.S. Dept. of Just. Wash. D.C.
U.S. Naval Academy
U Arizona
U.C. Berkely Law Lib.
Univ. of Alabama KD370.H37 1776
U of Ark., Fayetteville KD370
U of Cal. Berkeley
U of Cal. Davis
U. of Chicago Law Lib. K2020.H26 Visited Clean, rebound, no marks, excellent condition.
Univ. of Conn. Call# KD370.T45
U. Delaware Sp. Coll. Folio KC 7381742
U. of Georgia L. Lib
U. Houston
U. of Illinois Urbana* F942.C68 Visited 8/28/09 In pencil in gutter of first page: "16 F09
Harding 12.00 11 in 6" Original binding, no marks. Harding may have been a book dealer.
Electronic card says gift of Frank L. Dennis
U. of Indiana Lilly Lib.*
U. of Iowa* Law Rare Book (Special Collection) Oversize KD8020 .C65 1776
Visited 8/28/09. Law Library had two sets, both rebound except Vol. 11 of one set. I had
only 2 minutes to review the sets. Both in good condition, no marks.
U. of Iowa #2 Rebound, good condition, no marks
U. of Minn.*
U. Minn. Law Lib*
U of New Mexico, Albuquerque
U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
U. North Carolina, Charlotte
U. of Pennsylvania* FolioKD8020.C6 Visited on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009 "Gift of Robert
E. Peterson" 1916? 1930? Rebound; no marks; very good condition.
U. of Richmond L. Lib.
U. South Carolina, Columbia DA44.C66
U.South Carolina Law KD371.P65 1776
U. Texas Tarlton L
U. of Virginia
U. of Virginia Law Lib
U. of Washington
U. of Wisc. Madison Law KD370 C65 May 22, 2009 Excellent condition. Rebound. "W.
Milman" handwritten on inside cover.
Vanderbilt KD371 .P6 C65 1775
Villanova Law Library KD370 -check shelves On stacks! ; fully rebound; lacked 1st vol.
Good condition; no marks; no identity of provenance
Washington & Lee U.
Williams College, Williamstown, MA 413-597-2501K97 .C6 v. 1-2, visited 1/6/10 In closed
archives during reconstruction Was told the set was being relocated but construction
funds were lacking and the books were in boxes unavailable.
Wesleyan U, Middletown, CT 860-685-3844, visited 1/5/10 Held at offsite storage Not
allowed to access
Yale #1 #TrialsAH22+1776, visited March 2009 Perhaps descended from Matthew
Griswold Griswold was CT President of the Supreme Court of Errors in 1784. In 1788, the
town of Lyme chose him to serve as a delegate to Connecticut's convention to ratify the
Constitution. Griswold, who was quickly chosen to serve as president of the Convention,
had the honor of informing Congress of Connecticut's ratification of the new government.
Yale #2 Copy 2 Unknown No discernable provenance
Riverby Books set, for sale on Abe's Books website, Sept. 1, 2009 Held in Washington, D.C.
List price, $1,500.00 plus $8 shipping & handling. Previous owners name written on the
title page and hald title - "Charles F Morton. Mortonville NY. From Capt Oscar Bullus. U.
States Navy. 1853."

Hargrave's Complete Collection of State Trials (4th ed.) (1776-1781)
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